Nancy Gibbs’s piece in the July 11, 2011, edition of TIME  Magazine lauds the unscheduled days of summer some of us have been (and perhaps still are) able to enjoy.

I am filled with gratitude that writing and teaching writing, both within a largely academic calendar, allow me the best of both worlds–energetic engagement with students in classrooms and focused solitude in my jewel box of an office at home.  The opportunity to consider and reflect, to look for just the right word  (“apt and specific,” as novelist Rachel Basch has said), to lose myself in imagined worlds–1962 New Orleans or 1613 Venice–offers the same type of respite and regeneration as, say, a random walk among tall pines or a miles-long trek where water meets sand.  Even a Sunday morning in Manhattan in late July feels tantalizingly refreshing, so many having left the city for forest and shore.

So, I remind myself, carpe diem!  Hope you do the same.

Yours in July,



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