The Madwoman in the Attic…

How I enjoy multiple points of view!

 “Bertha” of JANE EYRE has come alive once more to me in my preparing-to-teach re-reading of WIDE SARGASSO SEA.   Jean Rhys has written Rochester’s wife differently and vividly from her first incarnation in Charlotte Bronte’s novel, through the woman’s own words and her relationships with other characters before and after England.

When “Bertha’s” wild passion diminishes  for a time as a potion calms her sea-bound toward England, she says, “It isn’t like it seems to be.”   The man who gave her the drug replies, “I know.  It never is.”

How do we know “seems” and “is”?  What would Hamlet say?

This is what happens when I read and write.  Characters change into people for me.  How about you?





One thought on “The Madwoman in the Attic…

  1. hmmm, I loved Jane Eyre and am super greatful that we read that book with DCM…I keep wanting to read the Wide Sargasso Sea. You’ve pushed me over the edge here though and I think that I will go ahead and pick it up…



    p.s. sorry for the lack of reply to your question…I’m wanting to go and read it first!

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