How are you reading now?

Articles abound online and in hard copy, from local newspapers to glossy magazines about changes in the publishing process.  Some folks without portfolio (neither previous books nor literary agents to tout them) are making news and, sometimes, even money after uploading their works, complete with ISBNs, and selling them online.  On the other hand, some already-agented and published authors are running into roadblocks at publishing houses when the marketing teams reject all books but potential blockbusters (read “bottom line”).

A number of friends, avid readers all, extol the virtues of Kindle and Nook.  Still others hunger for the continued feel of paper pages turning in hand. 

Right now, I’m struggling to decide whether or not to upload some work myself.  Doing the “homework”  and considering pros and cons will determine my decision in the coming weeks.  I look to this blog’s readers for advice from your respective points of view.

How are you reading now?

Would you be interested in excerpted chapters of a novel popping up on a website every week? 
Or would you prefer the entire book at once?  Other thoughts?

You can reach me here, where I sit before a brightly-lit computer screen in a jewel-box of an office surrounded by well-loved books.

I’m eager to hear from you.  And thanks in advance for your insights.

Happy reading,



2 thoughts on “How are you reading now?

  1. I’m a new kindle user and like it alot after years of resisting. I don’t miss pages the way I thought, and find that a good book is just as engrossing on the gadget –it disappears the same way as paper & binding do. As for your second question, I still prefer to get a whole book at once, it’s what I’m used to, but the idea of excerpted chapters coming in steadily is intriguing. It worked for Trollope, Dickens & company and it might build more time sense & more community into the reading experience as faithful readers wait to hear what happens next.

  2. marydonnarummasharnick says:

    Thanks, Gus.

    I’m seriously thinking of an excerpting process via a website.
    Stay tuned… and, as always, thanks for your valued comments!

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