Why blog at all?

The blog, I guess, is a way to balance the solitude of writing with the community of writers and readers.


2 thoughts on “Why blog at all?

  1. mmsnyder says:

    Mary, I have been blogging for five years now — same place — and I blog to please myself actually. I put up any and everything that is of interest to me as a writer — sometimes its quotes from research, sometimes autobiographical bits from my family with photos, sometimes animation, a tone of art, sometimes awesome fiber artists, book reviews and yes, occasionally stuff about my own work. I put up a collection of photos of Madrid, NM in the 1920s–40s that an elderly woman sent me because she knew my grandfather when he had been an artist there. Within a year of about 80 of those photos going up my blog, I had a a community of grandchildren, cousins, uncles, and people in their 80s who grew up in Madrid contacting me…then each other. So have fun. Play. Be yourself. And if not many people come — it doesn’t matter so much, because the blog holds all the magpie things that inspire you. Here’s the post I wrote a while ago about why I blog.: http://msnyder.typepad.com/the_labyrinth/2011/02/magpie-blogging.html

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