Southington Library Offers Warm Welcome…

Thanks to Southington (CT) Library, where twenty-three patrons joined me on a stormy Wednesday evening to meet the fictional women in THIRST(

Conversation was sparkling due to this lively group.  I look forward to another opportunity to return to this wonderful venue.    Special thanks to Jeanne, who was a most gracious host!


Virtual Roma…

Last evening, my husband and I visited Rome, kindness of Woody Allen, in his sweet and funny film, TO ROME WITH LOVE.  An Our Town gone upscale and contemporary, the film gently and gleefully satirizes its characters’ (and our own) frailties, with keen attention to the particularities of the Eternal City.  Laugh-out-loud moments (La doccia, the shower, will take on new meaning for all viewers) combine with poignant scenes of innocence meeting experience (a robber foiling an imminent tryst in a hotel-room, a hooker confused with a wife), and a fantastically annoying character (Monica, whose name becomes a synonym for manipulation) to entertain and delight.  Allen skewers our obsession with celebrity, and the always-amazing Roberto Begnini takes us with him during his fifteen minutes of fame.  With the Voice of Experience (Alec Baldwin) exhorting characters not to act against reason, of course, they do, and experience, as always, evidences itself as the most memorable, if not the only, teacher. “Every individual has a story” is the premise that compels Allen’s piece.  The film’s ending, spoken by an “everyman” who lives above the Spanish Steps, reminds us that when we come to Rome again, still other stories, including our own, will be waiting to unfold.

Arrivederci for now,