Living in Venice…

Living in Venice...

Some of the most gratifying experiences of life have included the numerous opportunities to spend time in Venice living in a neighborhood and researching. The Dorsoduro sestiere, with its university and art offerings, still remains a residential district. The photo here was taken in Calle Larga Nani, a short walk from Pensione Accademia/Villa Maravege. Children at play continue to surprise me with joy. These new friends told me they were pirates vying for a huge stash of gold. While I did not linger to learn the victor, I was assured that I could meet up with them any evening that did not precede a school day.


One thought on “Living in Venice…

  1. Frank STEPONAITIS says:

    We sat down on a bench somewhere in Venice and watched kids play “hide n seek.” It was humorous watching them hide behind classic Greek columns and scurry over bridges looking for the perfect place to hide. Another book: “A History of ‘ Hide n Seek'”?

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