About travel…

I love to.

To leave the known for awhile and expose the senses to an as-yet unknown.

Sometimes a suitcase and various modes of transportation are required. Other times, a book or film or play accomplishes the transporting. And what of imagination set free, to speculate about envisioned worlds born in one’s own consciousness?

Travel is on my mind. What it does to us. How we respond to it. Why some yearn for it while others abhor it.

A photo, uploaded here, from a trip to Venice in 2011, has left a permanent imprint on my mind. The otherness of the background (which looks nothing like the Connecticut I call home) is juxtaposed with a daily reality for me (children at play).

What this photo tells me is that every place is someone’s home and when I visit I hope to be a welcomed guest.1005455_406014389504814_1036752903_n