You Don’t Have to Be Italian to Listen in…

IMG_6736Author, psychologist, and radio host of “The Italian Art of Living Well,” Raeleen Mautner, has invited me to join her Monday morning, August 24th, between 7-8 a.m., at 88.7 FM radio, direct from The University of New Haven (CT) studio.

As you might imagine, I am thrilled for the opportunity to discuss ORLA’S CANVAS, a coming-of-age novel set in 1962 Louisiana, as well as two previously published Venetian novels, THIRST, and PLAGUED  (Go to for a wealth of information, reviews of each, and even a bit of opera music for THIRST)

As they do for Raeleen, my Italian roots inform every aspect of daily life.  I know she and I will have the chance to muse about that and more come Monday.

So, brew yourself a caffe and savor a cornetta while tuning in so we can share some breakfast (prima colazione) together!


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