Observing to Write

12795529_1023047981074585_3203644917296297878_n                            12806199_1023047974407919_6401071791401380041_n

12800336_1023047977741252_3121614765941627253_n      This February 29th offers a most temperate day in Connecticut.  Temperatures are on the way to 57 degrees Fahrenheit, and on the campus of Chase Collegiate School serenity characterizes the pond.  My writing students and I have embarked on a morning walk, separating for a time to observe, to stare, to photograph, and reflect before we write.  Today’s class allows for and encourages “slow travel,” the deliberate taking of one’s time to notice, to ruminate, to imbibe and intuit one’s surroundings.  Wherever you are in the world, I hope you, too, will spend part of your day just as we have here.



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