I AM BOOKS, a Boston Gathering Place

12795496_1026305480748835_1335556677997483903_n.jpgNicola Orichuia has founded a gem of a bookstore in Boston’s North End, right across from the Paul Revere House.  He describes it as “an Italian American Cultural Hub.”  And he hosts Italian-American authors like myself, offering us a place to share our craft with any and all interested.

On Saturday, March 5th, I was treated to Nicola’s gracious hospitality.  Greeted by his charming staff, Lisa and Pascal, my husband and I entered a realm of books (in Italian and English) and programs for readers of all ages.


Much to my delight, we had a terrific turnout of longtime and newfound friends and readers. Nicola, an inveterate journalist, posed numerous questions so that our afternoon became a conversation between and among participants.


My sincere thanks to all those who visited this gem of a venue.  I look forward to their critiques of my work.


Nicola, Lisa, Pascal, grazie molto!  I am eager to join you again,  and would relish the chance to host a workshop or two for writers and would-be writers in the Boston area.

A presto!



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